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Install CW Ratings & Graphs plugin:

  • CW Ratings & Graphs(content plugin)
  • After installation publish this plugin (you can use link from post-install description).

....And that's it. You dont need to configure anything else and you are ready to go!

...unless you want to ;) Then follow the guide...

What can be set in parameters?

Parameters for loading ratings can be set either globally in CW Ratings & Graphs plugin or via syntax - where are same available options for use.

  • Label - default label for Overall value of rating graph (Only for Circle Layout) - default is "Overall"
  • Overall - if display or hide Overall value. Set overall=off to disable (Only for Circle Layout) - default is ""
  • Max - maximum value of rating (represents 100% value if % unit is set) - default is "100"
  • Unit - set % for displaying values in relative percentage values, leave empty to let absolute numbers show - default is ""
  • Decimal - if you want to round up numbers, set to how many decimal places will be rounded up, set 0 to round up to integers - default is "0"
  • R - Radius in pixels for Circle layout of ratings - default is "40"
  • Delay - delay in ms between loading each value - default is "500"
  • Layout - Circle or Bar layout of rating graph - default is "Circle"
  • Color - color of graph - default is "#0097FF"
  • Color2 - if set, color will be set into gradient (Only for Bar Layout) - default is "#037CCE"
  • Height - height of bar row (Only for Bar Layout) - default is "10"
  • Labelposition - position of labels for values - bottom x side (Only for Bar Layout) - default is "row"
  • Labelanimation - from where will labels arrive in animation - row x top (Only for Bar Layout) - default is "side"
  • Labelwidth - width of labels area, in % - default is "20"

Same Options are for rating SYNTAX

above listed parameters will be filtered out for settings and rest of parameters will be considered as rating graph values.

Separator for syntax codes is ;


will result into this:


This is just an example, no offense to any car :)

Want to see more about what magic can be done with this cool little yet powerfull plugin?

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