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Surprisingly easy way to work with ANIMATED RATINGS & GRAPHS in Joomla Articles!

Easy Animated Ratings & Graphs for Joomla Articles. Very effective way to display ratings & graphs inside Joomla Article's content. You will love it!

#Example: Basic Syntax

{CWRATING}max=200;Apple iPhone 6s (iOS9)=196;Apple iPhone 6 (iOS9)=131;Google Nexus 9=108;Apple iPhone 5s (iOS8)=98;Xiaomi Mi Note Pro=94;Google Nexus 6=80;Samsung Galaxy S6=75{/CWRATING}

this syntax will display Rating with
- Circle rating
- Display Overall value as Average value of all values
- radius 40px
- color set to blue gradient
- numbers rounded to 0 decimals
- delay for loading each row is 500ms

Quadrant Benchmark

Apple iPhone 6s (iOS9)
Apple iPhone 6 (iOS9)
Google Nexus 9
Apple iPhone 5s (iOS8)
Xiaomi Mi Note Pro
Google Nexus 6
Samsung Galaxy S6


  • Simplest and fastest Ratings & Graphs for Joomla Articles
  • Manage Ratings & Graphs right on the article edit page inside the content
  • Unlimited Multiple instances inside one article
  • Circle or Bar graphs layout
  • jQuery powered
  • As simple as possible to be user friendly!
  • Yet offering powerfull features - lot of options available to set
  • Responsive output display
  • Easily customized layout via CSS styles

FRIENDLY SUPPORT appreciated by many users of our extensions. ONE Click install package for the plugin and you are ready to go! (Check if you have published plugin;) Find more informations in Guide.

This gallery is done by CW Article Gallery plugin

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