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Making forms in articles just couldn't be easier!

Fast and Simple and user friendly forms for Joomla ArticlesDrag and drop form interface right in the Article Edit form page. Very easy to use and effective way to manage forms for Joomla Articles. You will love it!


  • Simplest and fastest Forms for Joomla Articles
  • Adds a tab for Form into Joomla Article form
  • Manage Form right on the article edit page
  • Drag and drop interface
  • AJAX & jQuery powered
  • As simple as possible to be user friendly!
  • Position of form at the bottom of article text or inside the text with syntax {cwform}
  • Responsive layout
  • ReCaptcha
  • Use syntax {cwform} to load general default form literally anywhere (for example in Custom HTML module)
  • Use syntax {cwform id=23} to load form from any article literally anywhere (for example in Custom HTML module)
  • Multiple Forms on a page
  • Multiple reCaptcha use on the page
  • Storing forms submissions into DB
  • CSV Export of form submissions
  • Field with label containing 'email' or 'e-mail' will be classified as EMAIL fields and the form will be sent in copy also to them

FRIENDLY SUPPORT appreciated by many users of our extensions. Install plugin and you are ready to go! (Check if you have published plugin;) Find more informations in Guide.

HINT: Are you looking for an easy way to create a catalogue of services or products with order form? Don't want to use 3rd party components which may bring SEO problems, ACL issues (access permissions) etc.? Take advantage of using core Joomla Articles to create a structure of your portfolio. Then simply add a form in articles either default one for all or individual for each article in needed. It has never been easier.

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